How to Make Calendula Petal Soap

calendula petal soap with melt and pour base

Calendula petal soap is an easy DIY project anyone can make. Calendula petals come from the marigold flower. They don’t have a strong floral scent, but they do add a beautiful gold color to melt & pour soap. We love using calendula petals in soap because they stay evenly distributed rather than sinking to the bottom or floating to the top. Follow along as we make this easy melt & pour soap recipe!

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How to Make Calendula Petal Soap

Difficulty Level: Easy

Hands-On Time: 30 minutes

Cooling Time: 2-4 hours

Yield: 6 bars of soap (6.5 oz each)

Supplies & Ingredients

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Directions for Making Calendula Petal Soap

Note: This recipe is completed in two phases due to the large capacity of this soap mold.

  1. Use your digital scale to weigh 38 oz of soap base.
  2. Cut the soap into approximately 1” cubes.
  3. Add 19 oz of the soap cubes to your funnel pitcher.
  4. Microwave the soap in the funnel pitcher in 15-second intervals. Remove the soap and stir it after each interval. Stop heating as soon as the soap is completely melted.
  5. Place a 1 oz measuring cup on the digital scale and tare it to zero.
  6. Use a plastic pipette to transfer 0.5 oz of fragrance to the measuring cup.
  7. Add the fragrance to the melted soap base and stir with a whisk.
  8. Wearing a mask, mix 4 micro scoops of mica with a small amount of rubbing alcohol in a clean 1 oz measuring cup.
  9. Pour the mica mixture into the melted soap and stir with the whisk.
  10. Use the ½ oz measuring scoop to add 2 to 3 tablespoons of calendula petals to the melted soap. Stir until they are evenly distributed.
  11. Spritz 3 cavities of the square soap mold with rubbing alcohol, then pour the melted soap into those three cavities.
  12. Immediately after pouring the soap, spritz it with rubbing alcohol to remove any bubbles.

Repeat steps 3-12 with the remaining soap base, filling the other 3 cavities of the mold with exactly the same process.

When done, let the soap set up until hard. You can then remove the soap from the mold. These soap bars will fit perfectly into one of our square soap boxes for professional-looking packaging! If selling your creations, remember to label them accordingly.

steps for making calendula petal soap with melt and pour base
steps for making calendula petal soap

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