Easy DIY Wax Melt Christmas Ornaments Project

wax melt christmas tree ornaments

Our round wax melt clamshell containers are great for making countless types of projects. The round container and wedge-shaped cavities are perfect for making pie-inspired wax melts, citrus-inspired wax melts, and much more! This Christmas ornament wax melt tutorial is yet another fun way to get creative with our round clamshell containers. Follow along as we make these cute wax melt Christmas ornaments for the holidays!

Choosing a Color & Fragrance

The creative possibilities are endless with this project! When making Christmas ornament wax melts, there are dozens of candle dye colors to choose from. Red and green are perfect choices, but leaving your wax white is another great option!

Whatever color you choose, you can get even more festive by designing a cute label for your wax melts. By creating a round label, you can decorate your wax melt containers with a holiday greeting or a cute character.

When it comes to fragrance, you also have dozens of wonderful options. Aside from traditional scents like pine and cinnamon, you can also make festive Christmas wax melts with cranberry, orange, or bakery scents. We have a huge selection of holiday and winter fragrance oils to choose from!

How to Make Wax Melt Christmas Ornaments

After deciding on a color and fragrance, it’s time to get started with this fun and easy Christmas project. Here are all the supplies and ingredients you will need to make 10 round wax tarts. You can easily adjust the recipe to make more if you want!

Step-By-Step Instructions

  1. Cut and weigh the C55 wax using your cutting board and digital scale.
  2. If using a wax melting pot, add the wax to the pot and begin heating it to 200 degrees F. If you don’t have a wax melting pot, place the wax into your metal pouring pitcher. Next, place the pitcher in a sauce pan that is filled half-full with water. Heat the pan on the stove top (this is a double boiler).
  3. Meanwhile, use your 3 oz measuring beaker and digital scale to measure out 2.5 oz of fragrance oil. For most accurate results, always measure fragrance by weight and not in fluid ounces.
  4. If you are using dye chips, add them to the melting wax at this time.
  5. Once the wax reaches 200 degrees F, add the fragrance oil and stir with a whisk for 30 seconds to 2 minutes.
  6. If using a wax melting pot, transfer the wax into your metal pouring pitcher at this time. If you are using the double boiler method, remove the metal pouring pitcher from the water and turn off the stove.
  7. Place the pot on a potholder and let the wax cool to a temperature of 145 degrees F. The containers may melt/warp if you pour the wax while it is hotter than 145.
  8. Next, arrange your clamshell containers so that they are ready for pouring.
  9. Finally, pour the wax into the container. You can comfortably fit about 2.5 oz of wax in each container.
optional - top your wax melts with glitter

Finishing Your Wax Melt Christmas Ornaments

Let the wax melts sit undisturbed until they are completely cool. Avoid closing the lids until the wax is completely hard, as the wax may crack if you attempt to close them too soon. When closing the lids, press on the edges rather than applying pressure in the center of the lid. This will also help prevent cracks.

christmas ornament wax melts

Next, it’s time to get creative with some label designs! A 3” round label will fit perfectly on the lids. If you want to have a little more of your wax showing around the edges, a 2.5” label would also look nice. You can get a different effect depending on whether you use clear or white labels.

For this project, I designed some clear labels using free clip art. There are countless free clip art designs available to use for project such as these!

For an even more festive finishing touch, attach a ribbon or string to your Christmas ornament wax melts. They will of course be heavier than a standard Christmas tree ornament, but you can still hang them on your tree if you’re able to find a sturdy branch. Otherwise, they also look cute handing on a mantel. No matter how you wrap them, these wax melts would make fabulous gifts. 

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christmas ornament wax melt project
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