How to Make a Cute Handmade Christmas Gift Basket

This Christmas gift basket project would make a fun and thoughtful gift for just about anyone on your list! With handmade soap, lip balm, bath salts, sugar scrub, and a bath bomb, this basket makes a great self-care gift. This gift basket project includes projects made with these recipes:

If you want to make a gift basket that looks like ours, take a day or two to whip up these recipes first. All of our recipes include detailed instructions that will make these projects a breeze. You can complete all five projects over a weekend with plenty of time to spare for making this gift basket.  

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Supplies for Making a Christmas Gift Basket

For our gift basket, we’re using a simple fabric organizing tote that measures about 10” by 8”. You can use any type or size of container for making this gift basket. For our basket, we’ve included one of each handmade item from the list above. If using a large basket, keep in mind you’ll need to include 2-3 items from each Christmas recipe in order to fill the basket up.

Here are some other supplies you may want for assembling your gift basket. All of these are completely optional:

  • Soft blanket or scarf for filling the basket.
  • Crinkle paper for stuffing the bottom of the basket (may not be required if using a blanket to fill the basket).
  • Various Christmas florals such as silk poinsettia flowers, holly berries, or other festive items.

How to Assemble Your Gift Basket

Now comes the fun part! With your recipes done and your supplies gathered, it’s time to start putting together the gift basket. There’s no right or wrong way to put together a gift basket. All you need to do is use your creative eye to arrange the items in the basket so that it looks balanced and full.

These tips will help as you put together your basket:

  1. Start by laying down a base layer or filler material. If using a deep basket, stuff crinkle paper or other material such as a blanket or scarf into the bottom. You want the bottom to be filled compactly – without lots of empty space. It might look fine now, but heavier items in the gift basket tend to sink and shift as the basket settles.
  2. Once the bottom of the basket is filled, create a surface that you can arrange the items on. To make the basket look nice and full, you want this layer to be near the top of the basket. You can create this layer by using more crinkle paper or by adjusting your other materials (such as a scarf or blanket) to create a supportive surface for the gift items.
  3. Begin arranging the items in the basket. You can lay them out flat or stand them upright depending on your preferences. Laying the items out flat will make everything more visible, while standing items upright will allow you to add more things to the basket. Arrange the items so that the labels or decorative elements are visible.
  4. Fill in the empty spaces between the items with Christmas florals such as holly berries, silk poinsettia flowers, or any other decorations that coordinate with the basket.
how to assemble a christmas gift basket

Finishing Touches

It’s easier than it might seem to make an adorable Christmas gift basket. When you’re done arranging the items, you may choose to wrap the basket in cellophane for a finishing touch or simply leave it under the tree with a bow on top. There are biodegradable cellophane options available.

Because the gift basket is decorative the way it is, it doesn’t need to be wrapped unless you want it to be a surprise. If wrapping a gift basket, be sure to pad the basket well so that the items don’t shift around too much in the basket.

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