How to Make DIY Citrus Wax Melts

DIY citrus wax melt recipe

Pie shaped clamshell molds are fun for making wax melts. With their wedge-shaped cavities, the creative possibilities are endless. In addition to these cute pie-inspired wax melts we made for fall, you can also use these molds to make citrus wax melts. Follow along as we show you how to make wax melts inspired by your favorite citrus fruits.

Choose a Citrus Fragrance

We have dozens of fruit and citrus fragrance oils to choose from! You may use any fragrance you want to make your own citrus wax melts. However, these are just a few of our favorite citrus scents to try for this project.

Choose a Dye Color

You can always make wax melts without dye. However, this project is extra fun when you coordinate your fragrance with a bright, citrus-themed color. Here are some dye chip color recommendations:

You can also mix it up by adding more than one color of dye chip to create custom colors! A little dye goes a long way. For most colors, you need a maximum of one dye chip per pound of wax. However, for very pastel colors, you can use more dye chips to create a more intense color.

How to Make Citrus Scented Wax Melts

Supplies & Ingredients for Making Citrus Wax Melts

Once you have a fragrance and dye color in mind, it’s time to start making these cute wax melts! For our wax melts, we used Pink Grapefruit fragrance oil. We paired this with 2 Light Pink dye chips and ½ of one Cerise dye chip. This created a perfect pink-red color that looks just like fresh grapefruit. You can also use a coordinating glitter color. For example, we used the color Pale Red, which is a perfect grapefruit color.

Here are all the supplies and ingredients you’ll need to make 10 wax tarts. If you want to make more, simply adjust the quantities.

steps for making citrus wax melts in clamshell containers

Steps for Making Citrus Wax Melts

  1. Cut and weigh 25 oz (1lb 9oz) of C55 wax using the digital scale (see photo 1 above).
  2. Add the wax to the metal pouring pitcher.
  3. Fill a sauce pan about half full with water. Next, place the metal pouring pitcher in the water bath and heat it on a hot plate or stove top (this is a double boiler).
  4. While wax is melting, use the 3 oz measuring beaker to weigh 2.5 oz of fragrance oil on your scale. We recommend measuring fragrance by weight not in fluid ounces (photo 2).  
  5. As the wax is melting, add your dye chip(s) and stir to melt them.  
  6. Check the temperature of the wax after it melts. Once the wax reaches 200 degrees F, add the 2.5 oz of fragrance oil. Then stir with a whisk for about 30 seconds.
  7. Carefully remove the pouring pitcher from the heat and set it on a pot holder (photo 3).  
  8. Let the wax cool to approximately 145 degrees F (photo 4). If the wax is too hot when you pour (i.e. above 160 degrees F, it will melt/warp the containers).
  9. Meanwhile, arrange the pie clamshell containers so that they are ready for pouring.
  10. Once the wax is cool enough, fill each clamshell container. We recommend adding about 2.5 oz to each clamshell (photo 5).
  11. If you are adding glitter, use your micro scoop to sprinkle a small amount of glitter onto the surface of each wax melt as soon as the top of the wax begins to set up. Because glitter is somewhat dense, it will sink to the bottom if you sprinkle it too soon. However, if you wait until the wax is completely hard, it won’t adhere (photo 6).

Cooling Your Wax Melts

After pouring the wax, let your melts harden completely. We recommend letting them sit open for a few hours so the wax can become completely hard. The wax may crack if you close the lids too early.

Once they are hard, close the lids by pressing around the edges rather than applying pressure to the center of the lid. This method will help prevent cracks in the wax.

Finishing Your Wax Melts

For best results, let your wax melts cure for about 1-2 weeks before using them. We recommend this because it will ensure a stronger scent throw.

Add the final professional touch to your wax melts by attaching a 2” round label to the front of the container. We thought it looked cute to design a grapefruit slice label. However, a clear label with text on it would show off the glitter nicely.

In addition, if you are making wax melts for sale or for a gift, be sure to include the name of the fragrance and the weight of the product on the label. Finally, if your wax melts will be used by someone else, it’s also a good idea to include a warning label for how to burn wax melts safely.

To use your wax melts, simply open the clamshell and press the center of the tart. Cracks should appear along each of the 6 cavities, making it easier to remove the wedges. Pop 1-2 wedges into your wax warmer and enjoy! 

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DIY citrus wax melt tutorial
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