How to Make Essential Oil Car Diffusers

essential oil car diffuser

Essential oil car diffusers are fun and easy to make. All you need is our Reed Diffuser Base, essential oils, car diffuser bottles, and a few simple supplies for mixing your oils. Part of the fun is making your own essential oil blends. Plus these essential oil car diffusers make great gifts for your friends and family! Follow along as we make this quick and easy project.

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Supplies & Ingredients

You can make car diffusers with just a few simple supplies. This recipe explains how to make 4 car diffuser bottles at a time. If you want to make more, simply adjust the amounts. Each diffuser bottle holds about 7 ml of oil. You need approximately 1 oz of diffuser oil per set of 4 bottles.  

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Instructions for Making Car Diffusers with Essential Oils

Before starting, decide how strong you want your diffusers to smell. The reed diffuser base can hold up to 50% fragrance oil or essential oil. However, this will smell very strong and you don’t need that much. As little as 5 to 10% essential oil will create a nice aroma.

For a batch of 4 diffuser bottles, a 5% mixture would be 1.5 ml of essential oil, and a 10% mixture would be about 3 ml of oil. If measuring your essential oils in drops, note that 20 drops equals about 1 ml. For this recipe, a 5% mixture would be about 30 drops, and a 10% mixture would be approximately 60 drops.

  1. Take the wood caps off the car diffuser bottles and remove the plastic stoppers. Create a clean workspace and put on gloves.
  2. Add your desired blend of essential oils to the 3 oz measuring beaker (see recommended amounts above). You can also find essential oil blending ideas at the end of this post.
  3. Next, fill the beaker to the 1 oz (30 ml) line with Reed Diffuser Base. Gently stir the oil with a pipette.
  4. Use the pipette to transfer about 7 ml of the scented oil to each diffuser bottle.
  5. Put the plastic stoppers in the bottles and screw on the wood lids.

How to Use Essential Oil Car Diffusers

When you’re ready to use your car diffuser bottles, take off the wood lid and remove the plastic cap. Then put the wood lid back on and gently tip the bottle over for a few seconds. This will allow the scented oil to saturate the lid. Tip the bottle back upright, then take off the wood lid and put the plastic stopper back in.

The oil will slowly evaporate from the wood lid, releasing its scent. When you want to freshen the aroma, simply repeat the process of taking out the plastic cap and saturating the wood lid again. We recommend always putting the plastic stopper back in the bottle so that the oil doesn’t spill or over-saturate the wood lid.

If you can ensure that the bottle will stay upright, you may choose to leave the plastic cap off the bottle. We don’t recommend this if there’s a possibility the bottle may tip.

Where to Use Car Diffuser Bottles

Car diffuser bottles aren’t just for freshening your car! You can use these cute little bottles in closets, bathrooms, lockers, basements, cabinets, and other places you want to keep smelling fresh. When hanging car diffuser bottles, just be sure that the lid doesn’t touch any porous surfaces. The oil may transfer from the lid and cause staining.

When hanging essential oil diffusers in a car, be sure that the glass will not be able to swing and hit other objects as you drive. For example, you may want to avoid hanging the bottle too close to your windshield. In addition, some states have laws against hanging items from your rearview mirror.

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Essential Oil Blending Ideas

It’s hard to go wrong when blending essential oils together, but some combinations will smell better than others. If you’re looking for ideas for your car diffusers, check out these blends. The amounts provided will give you a 5% mixture when making 4 car diffuser bottles.

Relaxation Blend

Energizing Blend

Grounding Blend

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3 Replies to “How to Make Essential Oil Car Diffusers”

  1. I have the same question as Rosa above. Which is better, essential oils or fragrance oils for these little car diffusers? I bet you would get more comments etc if you answered people or responded to comments. My two cents.

    1. Hi Wynter, fragrance oils or essential oils both work great. You can usually get a stronger aroma with fragrance oils because of how they are formulated, but you can also adjust the amount of fragrance or essential oil to change the scent level.

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