How to Make Floral Bath Tea with Epsom Salts

Floral bath tea with epsom salts

Join us as we make a set of trendy floral bath tea tubes made with dried flower petals and Epsom salt. These bath salts are great for relaxing and unwinding. With a blend of beautiful dried botanicals, these bath salts look as pretty as they smell. And with their cute packaging, these bath salts also make a wonderful gift for friends and family!

Bath Salt Overview

Why toss plain Epsom salts into the tub when you can make your own luxury spa salts with fun colors, scents, and additives? Making your own bath salts is super easy and fun. You only need a few ingredients and a couple minutes of spare time to whip up a batch of handmade bath salts!

For this project, we are combining Epsom salt with baking soda, fragrance oil, and a floral bath tea blend made of dried flowers and botanicals. Once the ingredients are combined, all you need to do is let it dry, then spoon the mixture into packaging tubes! This project makes 4 bath salt tubes to keep for yourself or give as a gift.

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Floral Bath Tea Recipe & Instructions

This project takes just a few minutes to make. Today we’re using our Flower Garden bath tea blend, which has a beautiful array of different colored petals. However, we have 5 different types of bath tea to choose from if you want to try your own variations of this recipe!

When making this project at home, we recommend using a scale to weigh your ingredients. The ingredient list includes measurements in grams, ounces, and cups. Weighing your ingredients in grams is the most accurate method for most ingredients.

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Ingredients for Floral Bath Tea

Bath tea is very lightweight, so therefore it is easier to measure by volume than weight when making a small batch like this. We recommend measuring bath tea with a measuring cup.

* 8 ml of fragrance is approximately a 1.25% fragrance load (meaning fragrance makes up 1.25% of the recipe if you use 8 ml). The skin-safe amount of fragrance can vary depending on the fragrance you are using. If using a different fragrance, always check its IFRA certificate to see the maximum skin-safe amount for soap. Epsom salt can hold a maximum of up to 3% liquid ingredients. Exceeding 3% may cause the salts to dissolve.


Optional: If you like the labels we used, you can download them here for free! These labels are designed to print on 2″ square labels. We used Online Labels number OL2679 to print ours. Avery template 94107 would also be compatible.

free printable bath tea labels

Getting Ready

Create a clean workspace on a table or countertop. You may wish to cover your workspace with parchment paper or newspaper for easier cleanup.

We recommend putting on a pair of nitrile gloves before starting the project. You may choose to wear a face mask when making this recipe, as it uses powdered ingredients that may become airborne.

floral bath tea recipe

Step 1: Mixing Your Ingredients

  • In your mixing bowl, combine 440 grams of Epsom salt with 70 grams of baking soda.
  • Stir with a spoon or whisk until the ingredients are completely combined. Break up any clumps.
  • Use a plastic pipette to add up to 8 ml of fragrance oil to the mixing bowl. This is a 1.25% fragrance load. Remember that Epsom salt can only hold up to 3% fragrance total.
  • Add 40 grams (approx 1 cup) bath tea blend to the mixing bowl.
  • Stir the ingredients with your mixing spoon until the bath tea is evenly distributed.

Step 2: Packaging Your Bath Salts

Bath salts should ideally be completely dry before you package them in an airtight container. When wet ingredients (such as fragrance oils) are added to Epsom salt, the salts will off-gas as they dry. This is a natural process.

If the bath salts are added to an airtight container when they are still wet, the gasses will have nowhere to go, which may cause the container to expand. In extreme cases, this may cause containers to crack or even burst open. Always let your bath salts dry completely before packaging them in an airtight container.

To speed up the process, you can cover a baking sheet with tin foil and spread the bath salts over the sheet. Don’t place scented products such as bath salts directly onto a surface that you will use in the future for food prep.

Once dry, follow these steps to package your bath salts:

  • Use your mixing spoon to scoop the mixture into the packaging tubes.
  • Fill each tube completely full, then attach the cap. Each tube holds approx. 135 grams of this mix.
  • Attach the provided labels to the tubes (optional).

Watch this quick video showing you how to make & package floral bath tea!

Using Your Floral Bath Tea

There are two methods for using these bath salts. If you would like to enjoy looking at the flower petals as you bathe, simply empty the contents of one bath salt tube into the tub. The petals will float in the water.

While beautiful, floral baths can be messy to clean up. If you use this method, we recommend placing a strainer over the drain so that the petals don’t go down the drain. Once the tub is empty, the petals can be cleaned out of the tub.

An alternative method for using the bath salts is to pour them into one of the muslin bags provided with your kit. Cinch the bag shut, then hold it under the running water as you fill the tub for your bath. The dry ingredients will dissolve and blend with the water, while the petals will stay in the bag for easier cleanup.

Caution: Do not use floral bath salts in a tub or foot bath with jets. The ingredients may clog the jets and cause damage to the tub.

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