How to Make Glow in the Dark Wax Melts

Glow in the Dark Wax Melts

Wax melts are fun and easy to make. Aside from choosing an amazing fragrance, the best way you can make your wax melts stand out is to make them a fun color! But another way to make your wax melts even more special is to use glow in the dark pigment powder.

This colorant will tint your wax melts a beautiful pastel shade which looks great all on its own. However, this powder will also make your wax glow in the dark. Glow in the dark wax melts are a fun product to make for fall & Halloween, but we bet they’ll be a big seller for you all year round.

Follow along as we show you how to use glow in the dark powder in wax melts.

Yield: 10 clamshell wax melts

Hands-On-Time: 45 minutes

Cooling Time: 2+ hours

Skill Level: Easy



Recipe Notes

This recipe calls for a 10% fragrance load. If adjusting the amount of fragrance used, adjust the amount of wax accordingly.

Be sure to use our Glow Powder if you want your wax melts to glow in the dark and have a pigment. Many other brands of glow powder are not pigmented, meaning that they do not contain a colorant that will tint your wax.

When choosing a color of glow in the dark powder, look at the product photos for each color. We have included photos that show what color each powder will look like in daylight and in darkness. Some colors will glow in the same shade as the powder itself – for example Blue powder will make your wax blue and it will glow in the same shade of blue. However, other colors will glow in a color that’s different from the shade of the powder. For example, Purple powder will tint your wax purple, but in darkness, it will glow in a dark blue color.

glow in the dark wax melts

How to Make Glow in the Dark Wax Melts Step by Step

  1. Weigh 750 grams of C55 tart wax using your digital scale. Cut the wax into smaller pieces using your straight edge cutter and cutting board.
  2. Melt the wax using a melting pot or a double boiler. You can create a double boiler by placing your metal pouring pitcher into a medium sauce pan that is filled half full with water. You can then heat the pan on the stove. You may need to hold the metal pouring pitcher in place to keep it from floating.
  3. While the wax is melting, use your 3 oz measuring cup to weigh out 75 grams of fragrance oil on the scale.
  4. In your melt pot, let the wax reach 210 to 220 degrees F. Check the temperature with a thermometer.
  5. When the wax reaches the correct temperature, add the fragrance oil and stir with a whisk for 30 seconds to 2 minutes.
  6. If you used a wax melting pot, transfer your wax to the metal pouring pitcher at this time. We don’t recommend adding glow powder directly to your electric melting pot as it is more difficult to clean.
  7. Wearing a mask, add up to 3 grams of the glow powder to the melted wax using a micro scoop.
  8. Stir with a whisk until the powder has combined. Let your wax cool to a temperature of 140-150 degrees F. If you pour too hot, it may melt the containers.
  9. Carefully pour wax into each of the containers, stirring the wax in your pour pitcher before pouring each one. Because of how dense glow powder is, it tends to sink to the bottom.
  10. Let the wax harden completely before moving the containers or closing the lids.

That’s it! When your wax melts are cool, close the lids and attach labels. Glow in the dark wax melts can be used like any other type of wax melt. Simply snap off a piece of wax and pop it in any wax warmer.

To enjoy the glowing effect, be sure to expose your wax melts to a light source. Sunlight, incandescent light, fluorescent light, and other types of light can all be used to “charge” glow in the dark powder. You may notice that the wax melts glow more brightly at the bottom of the container. This can happen if the glow powder has sunk to the bottom.

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Enhancing Your Glow in the Dark Wax Melts

Glow in the dark powder is fun all on its own, but you might be looking for ways to make your wax melts even prettier. We love using our glow powder because it will tint the wax a nice pastel shade. However, you might be wondering if you can use dye chips with glow powder. Using other colorants with glow powder can affect how brightly it glows, so we recommend using just glow powder. However, you are welcome to experiment with other colorants to see what works for you.

One fun way to enhance your wax melts is to top them with a bit of glitter or mica powder. Simply sprinkle a light dusting of glitter or mica on your wax melts before the top layer sets up completely. This will help the powder adhere. If the wax hardens before you get a chance to do this, briefly point a heat gun at the top surface of the wax to melt it slightly. Avoid directing the heat at the edge of the container, as it may warp.

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