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mini floral bath bombs

Floral bath bombs are super fun to make and look beautiful displayed in your bathroom. If you’ve made our classic floral bath bomb recipe, we know you’re going to love this recipe for mini floral bath bombs too! This recipe uses our new Relaxation Time bath tea blend along with apricot kernel oil and spa salts to create a soothing, skin-loving bath.

With their mini size, these botanical bath bombs are also great for foot tubs! One bath bomb is the perfect size for soaking your feet. However, just be sure to not use these (or any other bath bomb) in a jetted bath or foot tub. This is because the ingredients in bath bombs can clog the jets and cause damage.

Ready to make this fun mini floral bath bomb recipe? Follow our super easy tutorial below!

Yield: 24 bath bombs (approx. 0.5 oz each)

Hands-On Time: 1 hour

Drying Time: 24-48 hours

Skill Level: Easy

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Floral Bath Bomb Ingredients

Supplies & Tools

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Preparing Your Silicone Mold

Before mixing up your bath bomb recipe, you’ll want to get your mold ready. Bath bomb mixtures can dry out quickly, so it helps to have your mold ready in advance. All you need to do to prepare your mold is to sprinkle a small amount of bath tea blend into each cavity. A thin layer is best – avoid having pieces piled on top of each other, as this can affect the final shape of your bath bombs.

Step-By-Step Instructions for Making Floral Bath Bombs

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  1. Place a large mixing bowl on your digital scale and tare it to zero. If possible, set the scale to measure in grams, as this is more accurate.
  2. Add the following dry ingredients to the bowl:
    • 340 grams Baking Soda (about 12 oz)
    • 170 grams Citric Acid (about 6 oz)
    • 60 grams European Spa Salt (about 2 oz)
    • 15 grams White Kaolin Clay (about .5 oz)
  3. Next, stir the dry ingredients with a whisk, being sure to break up any clumps. If it’s easier, you may also use your hands.
  4. Place your silicone measuring beaker on the digital scale, then tare it to zero.
  5. Use pipettes to add the following ingredients to the measuring beaker (use a clean pipette for each ingredient):
    • 15 grams Apricot Kernel Oil (about .5 oz)
    • 10 grams Polysorbate 80 (about 10 ml)
    • 8 grams Lavender Fragrance Oil (about 8 ml)
  6. Pour the wet ingredients into the bowl with the dry ingredients.
  7. Use your hands to blend the wet and dry ingredients together. Be sure to mix until everything is combined well.
  8. Next, check the consistency of the bath bomb mixture by forming a ball in your hand. If it sticks together, the mixture is ready. However, depending on the humidity in your area, you may need to add more moisture to the mixture. If the mixture is too dry, spritz it with witch hazel from a spray bottle. Use a few sprays at a time and continue stirring/checking the consistency. As soon as the mixture can form a ball, stop adding witch hazel.
  9. Finally, press the bath bomb mixture into each cavity of the mold – over top of the bath tea mixture that you sprinkled in the cavities. Press firmly to ensure the bath bombs hold together well.

Finishing Your Bath Bombs

Let the bath bombs harden in the mold for 24-48 hours. Bath bomb recipes with oil (such as apricot kernel oil) tend to take a bit longer to dry than other recipes.

Once the bath bombs are dry, gently pop them out of the mold. Package as desired and attach a label.

Switch it Up with These Fun Substitutions

It’s easy to customize this bath bomb recipe with any skin-safe fragrance oil. If you like, you can also switch out the bath tea for one of our other blends such as Refreshing Mint, Flower Garden, or Perfect Balance. Want to make them colorful? Simply add a little mica powder to the dry ingredients.

How to Use Floral Bath Bombs

These bath bombs are just as much fun to use as they are to make! To enjoy a floral soak in the tub, simply pop a few of these bath bombs in the water. Depending on your preferences, one bath bomb may be enough. However, if you want a more indulgent bath, add up to 3 bath bombs to the tub.

To use these as pedicure bath bombs, simply fill a foot tub with warm water and drop in one bath bomb.

Whether you use these bath bombs in a tub or foot bath, please be cautious when getting in and out of the water. Bath bomb recipes with apricot kernel oil (and other similar ingredients) can make the tub more slippery than usual.

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how to make fizzy floral bath bombs
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